study science foundation programme in malaysia

The science foundation programme in Malaysia is a course focused on subjects that are related to science such as physics, chemistry and biology. Additionally, the programme will focus on academic subjects, English language skills, and study skills. Enrolling and study science foundation programme in malaysia can be very beneficial in an individual’s future. 

A science foundation programme will provide students the skills and knowledge to venture into the professional world. Moreover, the programme will provide students with the necessary skill and knowledge to pursue a science related-degree. 

Foundation in a science programme typically takes 12 months or more which is a very short time till one can apply for a degree. Students will be assessed based on a combination of courseworks and final exams. If the university grants degrees in the fields the students have chosen, this might be advantageous to them. 

Their course modules will revolve around sciences, mathematics, engineering and computing subjects. There will be compulsory subjects with several options of elective subjects that students can choose. These subjects will provide the students with the basics before they move on to their degree.

One thing to note about foundation in science programmes is that the course is designed by the university. Hence, the syllabus in one university might not align with other universities.

Some typical subjects students will study in foundation in science are Mathematics Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English. The university might also offer modules that are focused on your intended degree. 

For example, if you intend on taking a Bachelors in Engineering, there will offer subjects such as Engineering Mathematics and Introduction to Engineering Technology. 

There will be lots of opportunities for field experiences as well. For example, interaction with senior medical students which could provide students with the knowledge and experience in hands-on activities. Students will be able to discuss with people who are experienced in the field. 

So, why should you take a foundation in Science? Firstly, it gives you an early start towards a degree. The programme prepares you for the basics for the field of your choice. Next, it helps you proceed with a smooth transition towards degree. This is because you have already familiarised yourself with the environment in the foundation programme. 

Other benefits also include how it is also one of the fastest ways to walk into a science-related degree. Moreover, some universities offer better scholarships that come with affordable fees. In comparison to A Levels, some universities offer generous scholarships for their foundation programmes. 

Ask yourself some questions if you’re unsure whether a foundation in science is the best choice for your education. Do you know for sure that you want to major in science? Do you intend to remain at the same institution? Do you wish to begin taking your degree sooner? A foundation in science may be the best option for you if you can positively respond to majority of the questions.

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