All You Need To Know About Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Malaysia

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Malaysia

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a component made up of cement, fine aggregates and expansion agent (like yeast in bread) which will cause the mixture to rise. This type of concrete comprises 80% air, and it is so malleable that it can be molded and cut into precise dimensioned units where it will be manufactured in the factory. 

Autoclaved aerated concrete Malaysia is a material that is commonly used to build walls, floors and roofs. It is a lightweight material, therefore it can provide strong sound and thermal insulation. Despite how light it is, it is a very strong material and it’s also fire resistant, just like other cement based materials. AAC actually requires a finish to make it more durable, like natural or manufactured stone, siding or polymer modified stucco. 

What are the benefits of using AAC?

When used in flooring, walls and roofs, AAC combined with its structural strength and capability and the insulation it provides is a very suitable material. It is very lightweight and the cellular properties in it makes it easy to shape and cut. It is also good to use screws and nials on, and it can be routed to create chase for electrical conduits, as well as plumbing. With its flexibility, it allows construction to be flexible too so that simple changes can be made in the field.

AAC is a cement based material that is not only resistant to fire, but resistant to water too. This gives it dimensional stability and durability. Therefore, AAC is actually resistant to mold and mildew, rot and insects. 

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Malaysia

An 8-inch thick slab of AAC is extremely fire-resistant. It can last from 4-8 hours and it will not burn or emit any toxic fumes that are harmful to anyone as it is non-combustible. 

AAC is a very light material. Therefore it has R-values that are comparable to the usual fram walls. They have more benefits though, as they are not combustible, have more thermal mass and can provide air tightness. When AAC is used as the interior partition walls, it will also provide a high level of sound reduction from both outside and other rooms too. 

With that being said, AAC has some limitations to it. Because it is not as common as the usual concrete products you may not be able to find it as easily. But fret not– because 3D Resources has them! Other than that, it can be shipped easily because it’s lightweight. It also has a lower strength than most concrete systems and products. Other than that the material is also slightly porous, therefore it requires a protective finish. If it doesn’t have a protective finish and is left exposed, it will deteriorate. 

AAC is a very interesting product as it comes in different sizes. Here are some of the sizes it can come in: 

  • Blocks: Stacked like traditional masonry with a thin bed of mortar, can be placed by hand
  • Panels: Full-story heights, usually needs a small crane to be placed 

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