Building Material Distributors Association of Malaysia 

A building material distributor is a person or company that sells building materials such as bricks, mortar, cement, sand, and concrete. They are also called general contractors. A building material distributor is the person who has been assigned to buy supplies for a construction company and to deliver them to the construction site. The distributor will ensure that the customer does not run out of materials, and will also prevent theft and unnecessary waste. The BMDAM is a non-governmental organization founded in the year of 1991. It was created to protect and promote the interests of those involved in the building materials industry. The association works closely with the Malaysian government to ensure that it has a positive impact on the economy and plays a role in developing infrastructure. They are also very adamant on maintaining high product quality standards and ensuring that everything they do is conducted legally.

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Requirements to become a member of the BMDAM

The Building Material Distributors Association of Malaysia (BMDAM) is a non-profit trade association that strives to protect the interest of its members. In order to become a member, an individual must fulfill certain requirements. The main requirement is to have a valid Member’s Country Certificate (MCC). This can be obtained from the Malaysian Immigration Department. Furthermore, an individual must also be able to provide proof of ownership and annual income statements for the business they wish to represent. Determining which membership is best for you is important because membership levels determine the type of benefits members are entitled to. For example, a first-tier member would be able to attend company events but not conferences, while a second-tier would be able to attend both. The building material distributor malaysia Association is a trade association for distributors of building materials such as cement, lime, sand, lime stone and aggregates in Malaysia. The BMDAM is an active member of the Malaysian Federation of Import and Export Traders. The BMDAM is committed to providing value-added services to members and their consumers by enhancing the distribution process through step-up logistics solutions and designing innovative marketing strategies.

Facts about Malaysia’s building materials industry

building material distributor malaysia

The Malaysia building material industry is an increasingly important and competitive sector. Some of the key players in the market are builders, local and international distributors, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. In Malaysia, most of the building materials are imported. As a result, there is an industry that supports the importing and exporting of these materials. The Association of Building Material Distributors in Malaysia (BMDAM) is an organization that was established to promote business for this industry. They do this by sharing information about opportunities with their members and also by creating awareness about the importance of sustainable building practices.

The Building Material Distribution Association of Malaysia (BMDAM) has many plans for the future. They want to take over their competitors and continue to grow to become the biggest distributor in Malaysia. The BMDAM is an association of distributors and manufacturers who work together to help each other out. This helps all members achieve success because there is a group that everyone else can rely on.

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