Fashion Industry in Malaysia: Shah Alam and Cyberjaya Boutiques

Being pretty is a form of self-care. It means that you can take care of yourself. Through fashion, people can express themselves. Then, through fashion, anyone can try to beautify their appearance. Fashion matters. Please take care of your appearances. As known, Shah Alam has a wide array of beauty shops and boutiques. Then,  in Cyberjaya, a place for the ultimate neighborhood, there is an increasing number of boutiques opened here. 

Innovation is also an important factor in the field of fashion when the old fashion round comes out again. An example when modern baju kurung fashion is added with the innovation of custom printed fabric gives a new breath. Modern baju kurung that uses custom printed clothing is more limited to the fashion brand and the overall color and design is more attractive.

Celebrities such as actors, popular singers, celebrities, and public figures are influencers who will influence fashion at the time. Usually, they work closely with fashionistas in revealing the marketing of their latest fashion compositions.

It has been a noticeable pattern for the last two years where women’s fashion brands will release their unique fashion patterns to their brand every 3 months. The trend of hijabs is consistent with the presence of hijab brands such as Fareeda, Nelofa and Duck Scarf. Most of their shops have opened anywhere in Malaysia especially in Shah Alam and Cyberjaya. Some have also managed to penetrate overseas markets. A hijab and veil brand has long been viewed as common actually has great potential in economic terms. The trend of robes among men. In the past the robe was only worn by religious groups but now it has changed with almost all men wanting to wear a robe. Modern men’s kurta trend among men. The trend that started in the last 3 years is getting stronger and gaining a place among men with the introduction of new technologies in clothing. The coat-wearing trend for white collar workers is also seen to be increasingly eroded (in contrast to the post -independence era which inherited and influenced British culture). Clothes for the office are now more casual, especially in the private employment sector. 

However, there is also an implicit effect of the influence of world fashion on the routine of life of teenagers. Psychologically, the development of fashion provides an alternative space for teenagers to strengthen self -confidence in daily life, while opening up the speculation of teenagers to accept something new in their lives. The situation shows a positive impact given the development of the people’s minds. Malaysia is a little backward compared to the European society which is rich in initiative and creativity with curiosity and a sense of wanting to try, thus allowing them to dominate the world of technology because they have a desire that leads to the exposure and exploitation of the mysterious world. However, this situation must be changed and adapted to the lifestyle of our society.

In conclusion, the development of the fashion world from various aspects has brought reforms to the lifestyle of today’s teenagers, but the majority are geared towards impacts that only invite disaster. The youth are the leaders of the future and they are the ones who will chart the country’s glory on the global stage which is becoming more vibrant with the development of other third -class worlds. As such, the youth themselves as the most important asset of the country should have the initiative to differentiate between diamonds and stones because on their shoulders lies their future. 

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