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Experiment with various positions. ‍

Try using the dildo while lying doggy-style on your back, standing with one leg lifted, leaning over your bed, on your side, or on your stomach. Some jobs may be more convenient and fun for you than others. Additionally, some postures may help you better stimulate locations in the vaginal canal, such as the cervix, G-Spot, and urethral sponge, as well as places in the anus, such as the prostate or the G-Spot. For various individuals, these regions provide differing degrees of enjoyment.

 Experiment with various methods.

There are so many various angles, depths, motions, speeds, and pressures to test whether you’re using a dildo vaginally or anally. You may experiment with speed and attempt targeting other locations internally by experimenting with different angles and depths, depending on your comfort level. Try stimulating the cervix, the urethral sponge, and the G-Spot for the vaginal area. If you have a prostate, aim it towards the anus for a tonne of enjoyment. Even if you don’t have a prostate, anal penetration may be quite satisfying since the rectum is densely packed with nerve endings.

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The push is strong. It gives a strong sensation, particularly with a textured dildo.

Penetration is extensive. The G-spot and the cervix are more likely to be stimulated by this. ‍

The push is short and delicious. This stimulates the delicate nerve endings in the first part of the vaginal canal. ‍

Glide under pressure. As you draw the dildo outward, it is recommended to slide the top half of the dildo over your urethral sponge (G-spot). The stiffer the toy, the more intense the sensation.

It’s a curve. Many dildos and toys have a distinct curvature that is designed to stimulate the urethral sponge (G-spot).

Remember that every BODY is different and feels pleasure and arousal in various ways, so you’ll need to explore to figure out what you enjoy, how you like it, and where you like it. ‍

add another toy.

You may then include additional gadgets, such as a vibrator, butt plug, or cock ring, to stimulate different regions of the genitals or body! Pro tip: For squirting, focusing on your urethral sponge while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris is frequently suggested. ‍

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Change the temperature.

Non-porous glass and stainless steel dildos are significantly heavier than most silicone dildos, which is a selling factor for many. They’re also completely solid, as opposed to a silicone toy, which may more clearly stimulate the places you want to stimulate.

When it comes to glass or stainless steel toys, your possibilities are similar to those of a silicone dildo. You’ll grip it by the base (if one exists) and enter the tip vaginally or anally, as deep or shallow as you’d want, and at whatever pace you’d like. However, with these toys, you also have the option of experimenting with temperature play. Warm the toy in a basin of warm (not hot!) water for a few minutes to experiment with heat, or place it in a bowl of cold water to experiment with low temperatures. Soak it just in water that is warm or cold to the touch.

Here’s a tip, you can try roleplaying to spice things up in the bedroom!

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