It goes without saying that these copies must be properly synced in order for the user to have access to them in a fair amount of time, both to remedy a “computer incident” and to do any necessary restorations or data recovery.

When utilizing the cloud, it is feasible to store one of these backups on the “cloud,” since the data is virtually accessible from anywhere and is not susceptible to physical damage as a result of natural disasters or robberies.

What is the best place to put the cloud?

The selection of a provider, which seems to be a straightforward task, turns out to be very difficult! Because even though many providers are based in European territory, the company often has a business name or other offices outside of Europe, with the possibility that your backups (or replications) are performed in non-EU areas, this should not be done solely on the basis of the lowest price, but also on data security. For the best data backup solution malaysia you can have the best deals now.

  • As previously said, it is essential that this data be completely contained inside the European environment, and as a result, many of these solutions are virtually useless.
  • This is exactly the situation with the global corporations mentioned above, which, if they are not properly controlled, are virtually useless, and therefore do not comply with the GDPR when used.

The most secure option for those seeking the highest level of protection is to choose a partner with a legal nature, as well as legal and operational headquarters in Italy, in order to significantly reduce the risk of dealing with a possible European provider that has over the years entered into partnerships (and mergers) with foreign companies, and which does not immediately highlight this fact on its website or in the compliance documents that should be sent to customers on a regular basis.

A few more pointers

The decision between cloud storage and cloud backup is a personal one that is based on a study of risks and personal and/or corporate data. However, it is essential to consider other factors such as the level of security and the quality of services provided.

One of them is compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the implementation of the ISO 27001 information security standard, which is presently accessible in its 2018 edition.

  • It is also advisable to choose synchronization solutions that use encrypted connections during the execution of the synchronization, both for the version using Agent-type software and for the version using a web browser.
  • The usage of Data Retention lowers the likelihood of data loss as a result of malicious software by a considerable margin.

Several businesses are using cloud storage that supports two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. This is necessary since access is impossible if there is no extra code provided by SMS or email to the customer.


When taking into consideration the time of smart working, selecting a cloud storage solution that also serves as a cloud backup is the ideal option for not having to take data out of the workplace and finding them all synced when you switch on your PC in the office. Rather of having redundant copies or unsynchronized data in the cloud and on fixed devices, this approach provides the significant benefit of being able to access and utilize your documents from any location at any time.

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