What are Rain Gutters?

Rain gutters or ‘water catchers’, work by diverting rain away from the house. This helps prevent damage to the rooftops and foundation in the long run. Such damage includes erosion and leaking. Additionally, with a rainwater harvesting system in place, home gutters can gather rainwater for later usage.

How do rain gutters work?

During rain, water lands on the roofing tiles, rolls down the slope of the roof and pools in the gutters. These gutters are usually installed on a slight slope to encourage water to run away from the house and toward its corners.

Rain water collected by the gutters is channeled into a pipe, also known as a downspout. The downspout directs water from the roof into the ground where the water is discharged, usually into a drainage system.

The importance of rain gutters

Without rain gutters, your house suffers greatly from the effects of erosion. This is because rainwater flows very fast down the slopes of your roof and splashes straight down against your house. All parts of the house are affected this way, from the windows to the doors and even the foundation. This is made worse during heavy rain, where fast moving rainwater can erode soil away from the foundation and damage the house.

Even with rain gutters, you still need to undertake some maintenance work as debris like twigs, leaves and branches might clot the gutters, blocking rainwater from flowing.

This is why your gutter requires regular maintenance! The safest way to get your gutters clean is to hire a professional roofing repair contractor, or house renovation contractor. Dust and dirt plus water can sag your gutters, making it difficult to clean the whole thing without professional know how.

Rain gutters are quite complex to handle. Best to leave it to the experts! Home gutters are so important for a house that it is best to hire a professional to install them for you. Getting the right dimensions and optimal position for the gutters and drainage system requires experience and specialized knowledge; it is a good idea to leave it to the experts!

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