best way to store breastmilk in freezer

It’s thought that regularly pumping breast milk can start the mother’s breasts producing milk. The next thing you need to pay attention to is how to properly preserve extracted breast milk so that it lasts a long time and doesn’t spoil quickly before it’s time for your baby to consume. How to do that?

The right way to store breast milk

Sometimes the mother must remove the milk from the breast when the infant is full or has not been scheduled to prepare it. either because milk is flowing from the breast or because the breast is full and constricted by milk.

After that, breast milk needs to be properly kept to preserve its quality until it is delivered to the infant. So that breast milk always lasts, mothers must know how to conserve it.

  • Make sure your hands and tools for storing breast milk are clean

Before pumping breast milk and storing it, make it a habit to always wash your hands first. Not only that, you also need to make sure all the tools used to pump and store breast milk are sterile. Breast pumps should also be cleaned immediately after use to keep them clean. Mother can clean all parts of the equipment with warm water and soap. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly and dry. Only then can the mother put the pump and breast milk storage equipment back in its place. As much as possible, try to always maintain the cleanliness of all objects that come into direct contact with breast milk. The goal is to prevent bacteria from multiplying easily in equipment used to pump and store breast milk.

  • Use the appropriate container

The method used to keep breast milk, including using a container, shouldn’t be arbitrary. According to the Mayo Clinic, moms should use closed containers that are free of chemicals containing BPA (bisphenol-A). For storing breast milk, mothers might use special bags or glass bottles as containers. Breast milk storage bags typically have additional safeguards to keep them securely closed, preventing easy leakage or spillage of the milk inside.

Recycled bottles and plastic bags that are used to contain other household items should not be used to keep breast milk.

  • Use the first in first out method

Don’t forget to attach a label with a description to the front of the container before inserting the bottle or breast milk storage bag. To ensure that you don’t forget, note the day and time that you preserve your breast milk. Breast milk that has been kept for a longer period of time should be used, and it should be released in chronological order.

First in, first out is the name of this technique for preserving breast milk (FIFO). The mother can make things simpler by placing the breast milk that has been pumped for a long time in the front, till the milk that has been pumped for a long time is in the back. The mother will find it simpler to consume the oldest breast milk as a result.

  • Avoid combining freshly expressed breast milk into frozen breast milk

Despite the fact that both are expressed breast milk, it is not advised for women to combine recently pumped breast milk with previously frozen breast milk. For the sake of their babies, women should store freshly expressed breast milk in a brand-new container as opposed to previously stored milk. Breast milk will stay longer if it is stored in this way to preserve its quality. And that’s the best way to store breastmilk in freezer.

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