kolej yang menawarkan kursus pembantu perubatan

Interested in furthering your studies and be a medical assistant? Apply for kolej yang menawarkan kursus pembantu perubatan. Medical assistants, in essence, are health experts that are working in medical and clinical environments. They help patients feel comfortable when they have doctor’s appointments as well as clarify doctor’s instructions and recommendations to them. Basically, they are the bridge that connects patients and healthcare experts. 

What do they do?

Medical assistants might differ due to several factors:

  • Location of their workplace (urban & rural)
  • Size of healthcare facility and the number of patients they welcome every day
  • The specialty of the physician and the location of their facility

They can do administrative and clinical work. They welcome patients, fill out, keep, record, and update the patients’ paperwork and medical records, make appointments for patients, and assist them with filling out their insurance paperwork, among other administrative duties. Additionally, they prepare the necessary forms and paperwork when patients are to go through laboratory tests and get warded.

The clinical part of their work is imperative as they have to provide proper care for their patients. Some tasks that they have to handle include:

  • Interview patients and fill out their family histories.
  • Prepare the examination room before patients’ examinations.
  • Greeting the patients and briefing them through their visit and helping them prepare.
  • Taking their blood pressure, body temperature, respiration rate, and heart rate.
  • Medical assistants could stay to assist the healthcare expert while the patient is being examined or during the treatment.
  • Perform laboratory tests such as blood tests, and collect urine or stool tests. 
  • Educate the patients on the medications and diet that they should follow for a healthy lifestyle. 

Apart from that, medical assistants make sure that appointments between patients and healthcare staff flow smoothly. They should always be prepared for what is needed and be organized. They ask patients proper questions to the patients as well to prepare them. Examples of questions include:

  • Are you sick? Are you coughing? How long have you been coughing?
  • Are you injured? Is there an open wound?
  • Did you get some tests done on your last visit?

They are heavily relied on by healthcare experts so their tasks are important. Medical assistants should be proactive and shouldn’t wait to be instructed to get their tasks done. They are expected to do what is already expected of them – preparation, organization, and information collection.  

Are medical assistants qualified to work anywhere apart from the clinic and physician’s office?

Other than working at clinics and doctor’s offices, medical assistants will have a wide range of opportunities. Different settings include hospitals or care facilities that are long-term. Medical assistants can work at a college or university that has its own clinic or hospital in addition to the previously listed choices.

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