There are so many things in this world that need the internet like  in order to operate, but instead of talking about the internet service provider industry, the working industry or whatsoever, let’s talk about things that people nowadays have started to show some importance on. Those things can be some what we call as part of their side income or even can be named as entertainment but doesn’t have to do anything with video streaming. 

Video Gaming

When we talk about gaming, the things that come to our mind immediately are the gaming consoles, the big PC’s and also the headphones which make many players and gamers look so cool. Yet as much as gaming accessories are a must, a strong internet connection like the is very much crucial. 

Why? Well, the answer is easy, gaming will consume a lot of data. No matter how many gaming industry or the developer claims to say that their specific game doesn’t consume as much as data connection, as wise users, we should be aware that, at least the software in the related games needs stable internet connection like to operate and deliver the performance it is designed to do. Therefore, always remember, that no matter what kind of games that you might be hooked on at the current time, regardless if it is either a mobile app based game or PC’s based game, the end result is always going to be the same. 


Cryptocurrency, bitcoins, are all the same. Hence, do not confuse yourself with it. The reason behind having cryptos in this topic, is due to the exact reason as to how a video game might need some help from strong and stable internet connection like . In order to invest in the cryptocurrency field, users or participants need a strong internet connection, yet the amount of connection for this part won’t be as much as the need for video gaming, but the necessity to have it is unquestionable. 

The cryptocurrency needs an internet connection in order to allow users to trade, sell and buy through the platform. Delivering bitcoin transactions would need an internet operating device, the failure of getting a better and good reception would lead to millions of lost bitcoins minters. If you ask why? The answer is because bitcoins and its other related platforms are called digital platforms which need to be online to operate.


Casinos in this current modern era have transitioned themselves into being online. As mentioned above, being online needs an internet connection, if you need an internet facility try this one out .  In addition, many online casinos are a replica of the physical or land based casino where games like poker, baccarat, blackjack slots machines, e-sport betting to even live casino bets and gambling which is taking place in a particular and specific online casino.

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