Things to Remember when Bathing a Baby

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For first-time mothers, bathing a baby can be a challenge, especially if it is a newborn. Yes, this can be difficult as babies are so small and quite delicate. You don’t want to end up hurting them in any way and also, you don’t want to do something that might pain them. 

If you are in the same dilemma, you come to the right place. We understand how hard it is indeed for new mothers to bath a small newborn and thus you can try checking some tips below:

  • Be sure that you have everything ready near you so that you only need to grab them once you start bathing the baby. Some of the things you will need are towels, a diaper, a baby shampoo Malaysia, a baby blanket, warm water, and so on. 
  • It is important that you practice safety while bathing your baby as it is quite vulnerable. It has so many limitations and it can easily get sick. One thing you should remember is that the bathing time should be just quick. After all, the baby is not really that dirty since it is just indoors most of the time. 
  • While bathing your baby with cold water is not advisable, it is also a must that you check the temperature of the water. You have to note that it should be just warm and not hot or your baby’s skin might get burned. You can use a thermometer to do this if you can’t tell by just your elbow or wrist. 
  • While bathing your baby, you should always be careful and your other hand should be holding it the entire time. There should be no moment as well where you are going to leave your child alone, no matter how little amount of water is left. 
  • If the umbilical cord is still with your baby, it is best to just give it a sponge bath for the time being. You see, the umbilical cord must not get wet at all times. This is why it will be quite risky to give your baby a full bath while it is still attached. It is better to be safe than sorry. 
  • While there are bath chairs in the market these days, I suggest you should just skip this. Especially since you are a new mother, using this tool might not be a good idea. This can easily cause an accident you know, so better do away with this. 
  • Once the baby is done bathing, you can then use some products to make his skin better like lotion and many others. However, you should note that it is not a good idea to apply the lotion to his face. 
baby shampoo Malaysia

The thing with babies is they cannot tell what is making them uncomfortable. This is why it is best to just do everything right. This way you will be confident that no harm will come to your precious baby. 

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