Why is it more vital than ever for hotel guests to be satisfied?

Hotel guests’ habits, interests, and expectations are rapidly changing. Repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and good social media reviews will be rewarded for properties that can create a memorable experience via unique features, personal touches, and exceptional customer service. Consider these eight tried-and-true tactics for increasing hotel client happiness at your establishment.


A CRS (Central Reservation System) organizes bookings throughout a hotel portfolio and may give broad information on the guest’s value and the amenities they use.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology may assist even the tiniest hotels to learn how consumers buy items depending on the context of their trip (both group and transitory), enabling you to give customized promotions or upselling offers to them ahead of time.

Aside from technology, leaving a modest welcome gift in each room, offering complimentary drinks in the lobby, and empowering your personnel to give outstanding service are all examples of methods to create a unique visitor experience.

If a couple is celebrating their anniversary at your hotel, for example, try placing a bottle of champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries for them when they arrive. It’s a tiny gesture, but one they’ll remember and value. And this will make them feel at home.

Send a follow-up message after you’ve made a reservation.

With a follow-up email, establish a relationship with the visitor as soon as feasible. This will enable you to set the tone for the guest’s stay and allow you to collect crucial information about them before they ever arrive. Simple yet considerate services like additional pillows or meal reservations are available. This is an excellent method to create more detailed visitor profiles, demonstrate your dedication to customer service, and even reinforce your brand promise and reputation.

Freebies and complimentary services should be offered.

Adding a little additional value to your client’s experience by delivering a few complimentary services will help them warm up to you and your business. Offering gratis services is a good way to provide excellent customer service that people will tell their friends about — or better yet, promote on social media. Offering free Wi-Fi or a free shuttle to the airport or nearby attractions may be as easy as that.

Use technology.

The technology that is now being created for hotels is both fascinating and game-changing. Hotels, for example, are beginning to install “smart room keys,” which enable visitors to unlock their doors with a simple swipe of their smartphone. This technology has already been applied in hotels around the nation by brands like Sheraton and Hilton. Incorporating technology into the company is another excellent technique. The business might include technology like the POS (Point of Sale) system in its offerings. A point-of-sale system, sometimes known as a POS system, is a device that enables hotels to receive payments. The software on the POS lets you choose things from a database to charge. A POS platform may be used to ring up sales, monitor customer transaction records, manage inventory, and get analytics and reporting, as well as execute payment transfers, in which the POS sends money from the guest’s account to the hotel’s associated bank account after each sale.

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Reward loyal customers.

Customer loyalty is critical to any hotel’s success, but in today’s competitive industry, it’s becoming more difficult to sustain. That is why hotels must concentrate on techniques that identify and reward recurring customers. While loyalty programs are a terrific strategy, you need to think about how you build your program. After a specific amount of points are accumulated, many loyalty programs provide a free night or a reduced stay.

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